October 31, 2008

Salvete, amici!

Today has been a lovely day. Not only is it Halloween, one
of my favorite holidays, but the sun is shining and everyone is in a very fun
and spirited mood. Classes today were semi-serious (Professor Joseph did manage
to get much covered both in Greek and Montserrat), but after them I went to a
nice long lunch at Kimball with my friend Ellie and some of her friends.
Halloween has been the perfect end to this stressful week.

Strangely, yesterday I had my advising appointment for next
semester. I cannot believe how quickly this semester has flown by! Time flies
when you’re enjoying yourself (and spending hours in Dinand…I spent four hours
there the other night without even realizing…). Professor Nagy, my advisor,
gave me great advice and steered me towards a very productive second semester
of freshman year. I plan on continuing Greek and Montserrat with Professor
Joseph, as both are year-long courses, as well as taking a Latin course in
Early Christian Literature which will count as a religious studies core, and
then a class on Global Climate Change. A few of my friends are planning on
taking the science class as well, so that should be a good time.

As for my Latin midterm Monday, I managed to survive! It
wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, and I actually knew everything
Professor Hamilton asked. I only had time to get to four of the seven odes he
wished us to analyze, but I did those so thoroughly that it should make up the
difference. I wrote and wrote and ended up filling out nine or so pages of my
blue book exam. Not bad for a little freshman! My Philosophy paper which was
supposed to be due Thursday was pushed to Monday, so that saved me a lot of
stress and allowed me more time to think about the topic I want to explore
within Plato’s Republic.

Despite the fun I’m having right now on campus, I do kind of
wish I could have been in Philadelphia to watch the Phillies win the World
Series! As I write this, the parade is going on downtown. My dad sent me
pictures- the streets are packed to capacity and, as my mom thinks,
approximately a million people are out to support the Phils! The City of
Brotherly Love is showing our boys some love for ending our 28-year World
Series drought.

Hope everyone has a very safe, happy, and fun Halloween!
Happy Haunting!