October 27, 2008

Salvete omnes,

My Latin greeting today is especially appropriate, since in one hour I’ll be taking my Horace midterm. I’m beyond nervous, despite having studied all day yesterday, this morning, and even a bit after lunch. At 4:15 this will all be over- then I can start my Philosophy paper! Halloween seems a long way away from this view…

As this weekend was Family Weekend, my dad and sister made the trek up from good old Pennsylvania to hang out with me. It was so comforting to see them. I took them on a tour of the campus, and later that evening we went out to dinner and then went to my cousins’ house a few minutes away to watch the Phillies play in the World Series. Despite an hour and a half rain delay, the game went on, and the Phils pulled off a win!!! Tonight I’ll be taking a much-needed break and will hopefully watch a Philadelphia sports team win a championship for the first time in over two decades…wish them luck for me!
I will continue to update on this hellish week.

Have a great day! Xairete!