Nov 23, 2009

Xairete, everyone!

Hope everyone is doing well! I’m quite excited for Thanksgiving this week, especially since I get to go home on Tuesday. My dad and sister are driving up early and I should be home around late afternoon. I’m going to try to make this break a bit less stressful than Columbus Day break, when I ran around like a crazy person trying to see everyone and get things done. I really just have some homework to do and a paper to write, so I’m going to take the time to relax before the final push of the semester.

Yesterday was a really fun day. Cat and I worked our normal Saturday mid-day shift, had our evaluations (we’re doing fine!), and then ran from the end of the shift to catch the shuttle to Boston. We walked around the North End and ended up in a little café for canoles. It was the perfect release after a long shift and week for the both of us!

Enrollment went very well for me, thank goodness. Some people don’t trust the internet connection in the dorms and get up insanely early to grab a computer in the 24-hour O’Kane lab, but I’ve never done that and enrollment has always gone just fine. I registered for Vergil’s Georgics and Eclogues, the second half of Intermediate Greek, my Honors seminar Religion and Violence, and a topics math course in Statistics. I’m actually looking forward to having a non-humanities course in the mix, even if it is (gasp!) math. Interestingly, my Greek and Latin professors from this semester, Professor Ebbott and Professor Smith (respectively), are going to be switching roles(Professor Ebbott will be doing Vergil and Professor Smith Greek), which will be a lot of fun. This is probably going to be my last semester in a year for which I will have to legitimately register for classes at Holy Cross, since I’m becoming more and more certain that I’m going to end up in England for a year. I had a meeting with Professor Brit Smith, the coordinator for Oxford, and all looks to be going according to plan. Just an interview and some essay tweaking to deal with!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! Safe travels and enjoy the time with your families. I’m off to Philly in less than 24 hours! Valete!