Jan 19, 2010

Salvete, all!

Hope you had a wonderful holiday! I slept for more hours than I thought humanly possible and generally lazed around the house, which was much needed after the most stressful finals week of my life. I’m so excited to get started on my second semester of sophomore year! Classes start tomorrow and I have Greek and Statistics, which should be interesting because I haven’t taken math since senior year Calculus. I’m at a point where simple mental math eludes me now and I rely on my phone calculator to make the easiest of calculations…so I’m interested to see how I handle jumping back in again. I sure hope I’m not diving right into the deep end (probably not because it’s a non-major course, score!)…

I must say, it is absolutely amazing to be back on the hill for what is potentially my last semester here for a year, if I do indeed get accepted into the study abroad program I want. My interview is next week and I’m hoping that all goes well. This semester is going to be yet another whirlwind…I have so much planned and not enough time to accomplish it all (but I’ll sure try!). I’m editing the Blogs section of Holy Cross’ online newspaper, The Advocate, working at Kimball, tutoring, singing in choir, and through it all attempting to enjoy this fleeting semester with my friends through trips to Boston, NYC, and Providence. We’ll see how everything plays out!

For now, I must return to work for the second time today to help feed the masses. I just wanted to say hello, welcome back, and Happy 2010! Valete!