November 5, 2008


I’m smack in the middle of yet another incredibly busy week.
I have a major Greek test Friday and two papers due next week, so I’m trying to
get myself organized and complete everything this weekend so I can have a nice,
relaxing birthday next Wednesday. 
Besides these more immediate assignments, I have a term paper due after
Thanksgiving in Latin, for which I have to go to advising on Friday with
Professor Hamilton to pick an ode I want to write about. Insanely enough,
finals week is just over a month away. This is absolutely astonishing to me.
Just as quickly as midterms came and went, so too will finals. How sad! I don’t
want my first semester to end!

Last night, election night, was really fun here on campus. During
our Eta Sigma Phi meeting, no one could go one discussion topic without
checking the election results. The only thing that kept our attention (however
briefly) away from the incoming ballots was a hilarious letter from Holy Cross
Classics majors who are currently abroad narrating their adventures on a trip
to Egypt. We scurried out of the meeting early and I made sure to keep an eye
on the polls as I did my Greek homework. However, around 10:45 I could barely
keep my eyes open (I had worked at Kimball that morning) and took a nap. When I
woke up at 11:45, it was to screaming and reveling- Obama had won! I can’t
believe I missed that historic moment. I did manage to watch his acceptance
speech in the midst of translating for Latin, so I suppose that’s the important
thing. It was really interesting to be on a college campus for such an
important election- passion runs high in the young, I suppose, so everyone was
really excited for this momentous occasion.

I have choir tonight, lots of studying, and a paper to
outline for a meeting with Professor Joseph tomorrow. But for now, dinner and a