October 1, 2008

Salvete amici (friends)!

Today was an odd day- when I left for Greek this morning (barely on time), the sky was once again a steel gray and I found myself passing yet another miserably drenched tour group. However, the sun poked through mid-afternoon and brightened my spirits, for Wednesdays are always my long days (I have three classes, all Classics related!!!).

It is also my last day with a special journal that my friends and I are sending to each other over this school year. In August, we all got together for one last goodbye and initiated our “Seven Journal” — which works much like the Traveling Pants of a certain Sisterhood.  Each girl gets the journal for two weeks — and after her two weeks are up, during which time she writes about her experience in college so far, she sends it along to the next girl. We picked the order and I was lucky enough to get it second! I’ve filled the journal with lots of my thoughts and have wished them all well. As much as I love it here at Holy Cross, my high school was a special place which, because it is all girls, fostered some really amazing friendships.

In other news, I’m officially heading home the Thursday before Columbus Day, which I’m really excited about! I can’t wait to see my family and my cat, Chloe (don’t cat-hate, she’s awesome!!). Most of my friends go to college in the Philadelphia area, so hopefully I’ll get to see them all between next Thursday and Tuesday!

Happy October omnes!