October 2, 2008

Salvete! (I really do hope that you’ve used this greeting in your daily life…to say it in the singular, it’s Salve!)

I can’t even explain how excited I am to be in New England for fall this year. You’ve probably gathered by now that I love to be outside in the fresh air, and especially love walking around at Holy Cross. Fall is my favorite time to observe nature- the peaceful dying of summer’s life is calming and beautiful to behold. While on my way to Philosophy this morning, I noticed that the ivy creeping its way across the front of Fenwick is already starting to turn a bright shade of red. This made me tremendously happy. Some trees are starting to show a little color, and crunchy leaves are becoming more abundant as the days pass. This place is going to be leaf-pile heaven in a week or two!

October is probably my favorite month of the year, especially because of Halloween. I love the spooky ambiance of the holiday. Most of all, I love that it is a time when legends, myths, and creepy tales become just a little more real- one can almost trick herself into believing that an ax murderer will show up on campus on Halloween, or that there really was an exorcism room on Fenwick IV (ironically, where the Classics department is located!).

Tonight I stopped into a lecture in Mulledy’s basement given by Fr. Kuzniewski, the historian of the college, about the myths and legends of Holy Cross. For those of you don’t know (and I’m guessing that’s the majority of you), the two aforementioned legends actually exist here on campus. The story of the ax murderer hails from an astrologer’s prediction a few years ago that an ax murderer would come to a dorm in a Catholic college overlooking a cemetery. Check, check, and check- Holy Cross fit the bill! The other, undoubtedly scary legend, states that there was once an ‘exorcism room’ on the fourth floor of Fenwick, where it meets with O’Kane Hall. One can still see a staircase leading up to a locked door, and next to the door is a railing leading to nowhere- for there is a wall built right behind it. I’ve checked this ghostly staircase out for myself, and have already dragged two of my friends to see it, too.

Now, whether these legends are true or not, perhaps you’ll just have to come to Holy Cross to find out for yourself…

Happy Haunting omnes!