December 17, 2008

Salvete, omnes!

SNOW! FINALLY! Last night there was a lovely snowfall that
blanketed campus with a pretty covering of the fluffy white stuff. As I
(almost) officially finished exams yesterday with Montserrat, which was
definitely manageable although required a lot of writing, snow was the cherry
on top of my feeling of utmost relief at the end of exams. I managed to
convince Simone to come outside with me around 1 in the morning so that we
could play a bit in the freshly fallen snow—that’s when it’s best, after all!
We threw a few snowballs around, tried to hit Jill’s window multiple times, and
created “crop circles,” as we dubbed them, in the untouched snow in the street.
If I had had my way, I would have gone sledding, but Simone dragged me back inside.

Exams overall went very well for me. I had a lot of time on
my hands during the study period (much more than I actually needed), so I had
time to relax and to continue to get better after my awful bug, or whatever it
was I had last week. On Sunday night was the community mass for Christmas, the
last mass of the semester, which went beautifully. All of my friends came to
see me sing in the choir (perhaps to avoid studying…), and afterwards Jill and
I went to the traditional Midnight Breakfast at Kimball, served by faculty
members during finals week. It was a blast. The place was packed and Jill and I
were thankful for the opportunity to do our two favorite things on earth: not
study and eat.

Tomorrow I head home to my dear Philadelphia until Jan. 14th, the first day of classes next semester. Speaking of
Philadelphia, today I pinned a Kimball captain as being from the City of
Brotherly Love just by his accent — he said “wooder” instead of “water”, a
blatant trademark of my hometown. I trained myself to pronounce the word
correctly so I would not be made fun of up here, but back home I always slip
back into my native tongue. Anyway, tangents aside, I am so sad to leave this
first semester of college behind. It went much, much too quickly. In the past
three months, I have confirmed my love for Classics, made some of the sweetest
friends on the planet, challenged myself physically (remember Monadnock? I sure
do!) and mentally, and enjoyed life in so many ways. I love climbing Mt. St.
James day after day, adore the towering turrets of Fenwick, and the grand
columns of Dinand. I love Holy Cross, and could not envision myself at any
other school. I am so excited to see what next semester brings!

Congratulations to all Early Decision candidates who are
just now finding out about their acceptances! This was a supremely exciting
time for me, and I wish all of you the very best of luck.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas, a safe break,
and enjoys the extra time with family and friends. Valete until the New Year!