September 23, 2008

What I’ve been up to: Activities.

Today was a gorgeous day, replete with sunshine and a nice fall chill in the air. I worked this morning at Kimball, and as I was walking there at 7 a.m., I took a look around at the campus ablaze in sunshine and I felt so lucky to be here. Weeks after moving in, whenever I see Fenwick with its towering turrets and ivy, I get all warm and fuzzy…even if in reality (like this morning) I’m freezing. For all incoming freshmen reading this blog, I highly suggest that you visit the colleges you are truly interested in. Only by stepping foot on campus will you be able to see and feel what the school is like, and for me, seeing Holy Cross made all the difference.

Tonight I’m hoping to head to my first meeting of Eta Sigma Phi, the Classics department organization that indulges in, and I quote the e-mail: pizza, soda, and Classics nerdery. Yay!  I’ve joined a few organizations I’m really interested in, in order to get involved right away, and to really make the most of my time here at the Cross. I’m singing in the chapel choir, which I’ve done for a while now and wanted to continue in college. I’ve also joined newspaper; even though I haven’t written for a newspaper before, I enjoy writing and have a hidden passion for it. My first article in The Crusader came out on Friday, which was quite exciting!
Besides clubs and academic groups, I’ve also participated in some pretty cool trips. On the last day of  Gateways orientation, I went kayaking and rock climbing in Rhode Island. The scenery was beautiful, and the day was perfectly sunny and warm. However, true to my style, I tipped over while kayaking and fell upside-down while repelling down a cliff face. Despite the difficulties, I still had a blast.

As well as rock climbing and kayaking, my Montserrat cluster, the Self, went on a hike up Mt. Monadnock in New Hampshire the Sunday after Move-In Day. Our assignment was to reflect on who we are as people, and what we aspire to be, all with the sweeping backdrop of the New England landscape to inspire us. The 4-hour hike pushed us to our limits, but we all bonded through the experience. I ended up really enjoying myself, despite the fact that I fell into a stream!

I have a ton of reading to finish, so that’s all for now! Have a great day, omnes (…everyone…)!

P.S. Sprinklings of Latin will inevitably end up in this blog. Pick it up and show off to your friends 😉