February 24, 2009

Salvete, everyone!

Well, Spring Break is around the corner and I am very much looking forward to it. Although, when I come back, I will be staring a whole heap of assessments in the face. But it will be worth it to go home and see the family, visit friends who go to school in the area, and go visit my crazy all-girls high school. This week, however, I only have my standard Greek quiz on Friday and an Archaeology test on Thursday. My parents are leaving early Saturday morning to come pick me up, and then I’m home-free and homeward-bound!

For some reason, the last week and a half or so has been very slow with schoolwork. Don’t get me wrong — this has been really nice, but has left me a tad antsy and looking around for things to do. My friend sent me a Web site on which you can test yourself on all of the countries of the world (you are given a map and you have fifteen minutes to type all 195 countries in), and I’ve been working on that while everyone is slaving away at papers and for midterms. As my friends said, of course I wouldn’t spend the time watching TV or lounging around.

Saturday, after my friends overtook my room for the entire day and did homework, I took a fun adventure to Boston with my friend Tom to meet his sister and go out to dinner. I forgot how much I love to go to Boston. The city is so picturesque and the night was just warm enough where I could enjoy looking around and just being outside. As stunning as the Holy Cross campus is, there’s still something in me that yearns to see a city every once and a while. That probably stems from my usual habit of heading down to Philly every so often. Seeing the Boston skyline made me super excited to see Philadelphia’s once again!

I’m off to work on my heaping pile of laundry. Probably should not have let it get almost as big as Mt. St. James itself.

Happy Monday! Valete!