February 6, 2009

Salvete, amici!

Hope everyone is doing well this lovely Friday in February. Today was the end of a very, very busy week for me. It was full to the brim with assessments, meetings, Kimball, and other general shenanigans that had me running around and studying for hours at a time. It’ll be nice to take a break this weekend and just hang out with the girls for some downtime. Although, I have a fair amount to get done in a short two days, so we’ll see just how quickly this weekend goes (the week has absolutely flown by!).

Today and last night I spent a lot of time just chatting with professors in the classics department. I love all of them, because they’re so enthusiastic about what they do and make you feel like they have the time to honestly get to know you. Especially nice was my chat with Professor Nagy, my advisor. We don’t see much of each other, so it was good to catch up and tell him about the semester that he had helped me plan in early November. I showed him some of my Greek script (apparently, Professor Joseph thinks it is neat…he should see my copybook…) and we laughed over the fact that I have pretty much become a “Joseph-ite” because I see Professor Joseph so often. Hey, I’ll take it!

Tonight I’m heading to Blackstone on the free shuttle to go out to dinner with a fellow blogger and dear friend, Colleen Curran. We still work on a shift together at Kimball, which has been our only real time to talk…so we should have a really fun time eating and hanging out without having to restock the pancakes or sort silverware.

For now, a nap. I stayed up really late studying for my Greek quiz today.

Xairete for now!