Welcome Back! Sept 2, 2009

Salvete, omnes!
Welcome to another school year at the Cross! I’m beyond excited to be here and I cannot believe that I’m a sophomore. Driving onto campus last Tuesday was a surreal experience: I had forgotten just how beautiful Holy Cross is. I had a steamy hot day for move-in, unfortunately, but since I arrived almost a week earlier than everyone else to train as a Kimball captain, I just took it slowly and unpacked over a couple days. My new home is Clark hall, which is right next to Mulledy. I literally just jumped one over, and I can see my old dorm from my new room. I do miss Mulledy and its awesome facilities, but Clark, as an all-sophomore dorm, is proving fun as well. My roommate Jill (you may recognize her name from last year’s posts) came Saturday, and with her came an explosion of color in our room. It’s very homey!
So from Wednesday to yesterday I spent my days practically living at Kimball, training and working. Becoming a Kimball captain was such a great honor and I must say that it is the most fun I have ever had here at Holy Cross, despite the smell in the back where the food gets dumped (the infamous “pulper”). I was a little disappointed at first because when we went to pick shifts for the semester, which is done by a lottery system, I went almost last and had practically no pick of any shifts (all the ones I wanted were long gone). However, it turns out that I’ll be working on Saturday afternoons and Sunday nights, which gives me the whole week free to do my schoolwork without the pressure of going to work. All’s well that ends well. I’m very excited to meet my workers, and on both of my shifts I am working with very good friends (shout outs to Cat and Katie!). Another year great year at Kimball awaits!
I just returned from my first class, Intro to Sociology, and later on today I have my first Intermediate Greek class. I’m a little nervous to start Greek up again, but also excited because my class is pretty much the same as last year, and we always have a blast together. Tomorrow I start Latin, another class in which lots of my classics friends will be, and I actually had my Principles of American Government class cancelled because my professor is at a conference. Since that’s at 8 a.m., I can’t help but be a little excited about getting to sleep in!
Off to Dinand to get a jump start on my assignments (yes, I already have homework…this is college, people). I’m so excited to be back at HC, and even more excited for all of the great memories yet to me made in my second year at the Cross. As my friend Ashley said so well, “It’s like we just went to sleep and woke up and everything is right back the way it was.” Valete!