April 28, 2009


Just a quick update today, on this my last day of classes. I cannot believe that the academic year has come to a close! Montserrat ended Friday, Greek and Astronomy ended yesterday, and today I’ll have my final Archaeology class at 2. It also happens to be Doctor Bender’s last class here at Holy Cross, as he is a visiting professor this year. How perfect that my year should end with a Classics class, and with the professor here with whom I am the closest. Study period starts tomorrow, which will entail me finishing up my Montserrat final paper (in lieu of an exam…a fair trade) and re-memorizing 30 chapters’ worth of Greek grammar and vocab. However, as much as I look forward to being home, I just can’t imagine being away from Holy Cross for almost four months. The minute I set down my pen after completing my last exam, I’m sure these mixed emotions will take full precedence. For now, I’m just trying not to die from the oppressive heat plaguing Mt. St. James!

In more important news, yesterday the Classics dept. held a party for Professor Nagy, my advisor and the patriarch of our department. He was recently recognized by the College and given the Distinguished Teaching Award, a highly coveted honor. In order to celebrate, we all plotted an epic surprise party for him in our Eta Sigma Phi room. Doctor Bender got him to come to Holy Cross yesterday afternoon through some trickery and, clad in flip-flops and a baseball cap, Professor Nagy walked in to see all of us (including almost all of the Classics professors) waiting to congratulate him. Between the delicious food, cake, and lovely conversations, I think we mananged to bestow proper “kleos”—or glory—upon him for his amazing accomplishment. So, congratulations again, Professor Nagy! You have a whole post devoted to you now! (FYI everyone else: Professor Nagy is always asking me when his next appearance in the blog will occur…it never fails to make me laugh.)

Well, I’m going to try to keep working on this paper. The Spring Concert is tonight, and I don’t want to have to worry about writing afterwards. Valete!