April 15, 2009

Salvete, omnes!
I’m currently sitting in my room when I should be in Montserrat class (no, I didn’t skip!). Today we were supposed to have class in the Mulledy seminar room, which we did once in November. When we do this, since our class time is prime lunch time, we usually have lunch together for the first part of class and then get down to business. However, our lunch order did not go through, and Professor Joseph was so disappointed that he dismissed us so that we could go eat. I’ve never seen so many students actually unhappy that a class was cancelled—we were all looking forward to our class today, in which we were going to discuss Tacitus’ Agricola, a work with which Professor Joseph has spent a lot of time on in his research. Ah, well, Friday’s class will hopefully make up for today!
Easter break was last Thursday-Monday, and despite a long and traffic-ridden ride down to Philadelphia with my dad, the break was much appreciated (especially because the weather in Philadelphia was divine). However, I was a bit anxious to get back up here because I have a long laundry-list of things I need to accomplish before the year is out. The ride back up here was a lot of fun, because my uncle came with us to see my cousin Kevin and his wife Amanda, who are expecting a baby in May. My dad, my Uncle Mike and I all hung out at their house Monday afternoon, ordered pizza, and relaxed before we all had to jump back into another work week.
Speaking of work week, I’m excited to report that I was recently named a Kimball captain! Last night I had my first official training session in Lower Kimball, where I have actually never worked…so that was quite the experience. My shift tomorrow actually has four CITs, or Captains in Training, so I’m pretty sure that my good friend and captain of two semesters, Colleen Curran, along with our other shift captain Will, are going to just leave all of the ‘captain-stuff’ to us. That’s fine with me, because I have to get all of these captain duties down before I jump into the leadership role by myself next year!
I’ve noticed so many perspective and accepted students visiting Holy Cross within the last couple weeks, and yesterday I actually had the opportunity to show a family around the Cross from my area. Doctor Bender, my archaeology professor, asked me to speak with and show around the youngest member of this family, a really sweet freshman named Kate—but I ended up giving their entire family, including two junior boys, a tour of campus. I had an absolute blast wandering around campus with them and answering all of their questions; I’m thinking that senior year I may actually want to become a tour guide myself. I always feel as if I am doing my duty to getting Holy Cross’ name out through this blog, but anything extra I can do is always a plus!
Off to office hours with Professor Joseph for my final Montserrat paper (in lieu of a final). The walk over should be enjoyable—the weather for the past couple days has been sunny and in the 50s. Spring fever is in the air! Valete!