January 19, 2009

Salvete, everyone!

I am a very sore but happy camper today — I finally got to go sledding! Beth and I went with a couple of her friends from crew and it was an absolute blast. It was still snowing when we went out, and the whole campus was covered in a perfect layer of powder with awesome ice underneath — the perfect conditions to go flying down Healy’s (an upperclassmen residence hall) hill, or the always intimidating Quad hill leading from Fenwick down to Kimball, or best (and scariest) of all, Freshman Field. I used my handy-dandy Kimball tray and was effectively five years old for the night. It was a glorious end to a very hectic day — I decided to pull a double shift at Kimball since I had the time (we have no classes today), which meant that I spent 8 hours there in one day. If you can’t tell, that is a long time to be at Kimball.

Classes went very well this week! I’m in love with my schedule, have incredibly intelligent professors, and have successfully made my way through the science complex without getting lost for a second. Professor Garvey, my astronomy professor, is exceedingly eccentric and never fails to capture my attention. I think he looks and acts rather like Mark Twain, for he has a big mustache and is very witty and intelligent. I feel so lucky to have gotten professors who are sincerely in love with what they do and are completely set on helping us see why their subject matter is pertinent and important, all while connecting with their students so well. For example, Doctor Bender (my Archaeology professor whom I’ve known for a while) gave out a sheet of all kinds of questions just to get his know his students, their study habits, their likes and dislikes, and strengths and weaknesses in the classroom. Things like this make Holy Cross truly unique.
Well, I’ve been to the gym every day now (except yesterday, but I think I worked out more than all the other days combined in that one day), so I suppose I should get there before another 2  feet of snow is dumped on this mountain. I think getting to Hart will be a workout in itself! Valete!