December 3, 2008

Salvete, amici!

I hope everyone had a very nice Thanksgiving and break. I
had a blast back at home — I hung out with family and friends, shopped, and had
what was one of the best Turkey dinners I have ever had, lifetime (compliments
of my mother — thanks mom!). I even managed to get work done while I was home,
despite all the distractions and running here and there. I finished my
Montserrat paper due next Monday, and got started on a killer 10-page Latin
paper due this Friday. I’ll be working on that all day today.

Finals are just over a week away. How incredibly scary that
thought is! My last class of the semester is next Tuesday (philosophy), and
then study period begins on Wednesday. So far, I have a Greek and a Montserrat
final, which is completely manageable. However, the “X” factor will be whether
or not we have a Latin final or not. We’re not supposed to, but I have the
distinct feeling that Professor Hamilton just may give us one…that would be
hard to swallow after this huge paper.

Just wanted to give a quick update. I must run to Greek!